Milestone #2: Baptism




When parents who regularly attend AHUMC are ready to make the commitment to raise their child in the Christian faith and decide to have their child baptized or blessed, we want to come along side them and partner with
 them throughout their journey.

Prior to having a child baptized or blessed, parents who are not members must attend the AHUMC Come, Grow, Go Growth Track series.  This 4-week series is offered in January, April, and October.  Click here to register.

All parents must attend the Baptism and Blessing Milestone session led by the Senior Pastor and Director of Children's & Family Ministry. This class helps prepare them for the Sacrament of Baptism and the Baby Blessing Ceremony. If previously attended, parents do not need to come again for another child.  

During this session we also discuss:

    •  the role of parents and church in spiritual development of children

    •  what makes a home Christ-centered

    •  blessing your child 

Families are presented with a Faith Chest as a keepsake for their child as part of the Baptism and Blessing ceremony.

Dates for the Baptism and Blessing Milestone sessions for 2017 are as follows:

Sunday,  Feb.  19 (6:30)     Monday, May 22 (7:00p)    Sunday, Aug. 27 (6:30)     Sunday, Oct. 15 (6:30)

There are four Sundays throughout the year for children and adults to be baptized and for babies to be blessed.  You may request any of the following services:  8:30 Traditional, 9:30 Contemporary, 11:00 Traditional, or 11:00 Contemporary.  For 2017, the dates are as follows:

         March 19    June 11     July 30 (Immersion only)    September 17     November 19 

Click here to register for the Baptism and Blessing Milestone Class and/or for the Baptism Sacrament and Baby Blessing.

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