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The Anderson Hills United Methodist Preschool takes in children from the ages of 30 months -5 years old in a play-based setting which promotes learning and a positive self-image. Your child DOES NOT need to be potty trained to attend our school.


Prospective parents are invited to visit Anderson Hills Preschool for a tour either before or after they submit an application for registration. We believe that having the opportunity to ask questions and receive important information about our school will be helpful in your selection process. Please call the school at 513-231-4688 to schedule a tour.


We recently completed our registration for the 2017-2018 school year and currently have a few spots available in the following classes (updated 9/28/17):

3-Day Morning class (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) for a four year old.  Must be 48-60 months old on 9/30/17)

2-Day morning class (Thursday and Friday) for four year olds (Must be 48-60 months old on 9/30/17)

All other classes are full.  If you would like to place your child on the waiting list, please call the preschool office at 513-231-4688.

Download this packet to register children ages 30 months - 5 years old

Preschool Packet 2017-2018 Forms.pdf