Adult Ministry

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Connect adults with groups to help them grow spiritually, share their faith and disciple others.

Passions: Teaching, leading, facilitating

Contact: , 513-231-4172

Adult Discipleship Class Leader - Weekday/Sunday Mornings

Leads a Bible driven, core disciple making class.  These vital groups can be larger in numbers and can be used to develop new group leaders.  Groups meet weekly at the church, typically following the school calendar with a start date and an end date.  Classes include Financial Peace, Disciple Bible Study, Precept, etc.

Adult Small Group Leader

Leads an adult group that is relationship driven with Biblical foundations and missional serving. These small groups can meet weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly off-site or at the church.  The size of group can be large or small in number.  Many of the groups are affinity based.

Men of Anderson Hills Coordinator

Coordinates the Men of Anderson Hills team to plan and evaluate spiritual growth opportunities for every man at Anderson Hills to connect them and support their spiritual journey. Coordinator conducts quarterly or monthly team meetings as needed and keeps Director of Adult Ministry informed.

Men of Anderson Hills Team

Plans and executes spiritual growth opportunities for men in the church to connect and grow in their faith journey.  Also plans and executes spiritual growth events for men in the church and community.  Attends quarterly meetings, as needed.

Women’s Ministry Coordinator

Plans and evaluates spiritual growth opportunities for women's groups and leaders and is instrumental in implementing ways to promote women's ministry to the community. Assists by identifying new leaders and promoting the apprentice leadership model. Conducts bi-yearly meetings with women's group leaders and keeps Director of Adult Ministry informed.

Women's Ministry Event Team

Plans and executes spiritual growth events for women in the church and community.