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Outdoor Baptism July 30

For those who want to be immersed instead of sprinkled. Sunday, July 30th at 12:15 on Garden Patio we will have a short Baptismal service. Click here to register adults, click here to register children.

Friday Night Live-August 4

6:30-8pm-An event for adults! Childcare provided! Brian Tolle, a local musician will play and take requests! We'll have some table games. Light refreshments provided! Click here for childcare.

Ben Williams is coming to Anderson Hills Sunday August 6th to teach us how to reach those who don't know Christ. He is the founder of Life Ministries International. Ben has been a church planter, lead pastor, staff pastor, a full time itinerant and conference speaker. Watch his video for the things he wants us to do before August 6th.

Ben will speak in all the morning worship services. He will lead a session Evangelism for Introverts 12:15-2 pm. Sign up here for lunch/child care. He will teach on sharing your faith at 6:30 pm in a session called TAG you're it! Click here if you need childcare for that session.

Global Leadership Summit

GLS is Aug 10-11 at AHUMC

Click here to register.

Summer Classes & Activities

You can choose classes based on day, time or for men or women.  With every group you will make new friends and take another step in your spiritual growth.

Click here for info on weekday classes.

Click here for info on classes for men.

Click here for info on classes for women.

Click here for info on classes that meet on Sundays.