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Hope and Cheque Garcia

Back2Back Missionaries in Monterrey, Mexico Hope and Cheque Garcia are missionaries with Back2BackMinistries based in Mason Ohio. The Garcias are currently stationed in Monterrey Mexico, where they are captains of Manatial de Amor Children’s Home. There are 27 children in the home, many are sponsored by AHUMC members. The Garcias provide help for the children’s Physical, Social, Emotional, Educational, and Spiritual needs. They have a love for Jesus and spreading the gospel to God’s children. To learn more about this ministry in Monterrey, Mexico, click here.

hope and cheque

David and Jennifer Kruse

DAVID AND JENNIFER KRUSE, with their six children, lived in SE Asia (Laos) from July 2006 to March 2012. In August 2012, they moved to Germany to work at Black Forest Academy as dorm parents. They originally served in Asia with an ESL organization from 2001-2003, but had to return to the USA in February of 2003 to provide medical treatment for their fourth son, Hudson, who had contracted leukemia. We praise God for Hudson's healing and for the return of the Kruse family overseas.
It was during Hudson's treatment and recovery while in the States that God brought clarity to their pastoral calling and leadership gifting and connected them "heart to heart" with Dick and Mary Dungan and Rejoice Ministries International. To learn more about RMI and the Kruses, click here. Living and serving overseas has been in God's plan for David and Jennifer since they met on the mission field in Peru, South America and married
in 1991. Jennifer is the daughter of career missionaries and David received his call from the Lord shortly after coming to Christ during his university studies. David and Jennifer's gift of hospitality has been used to encourage, strengthen and equip missionaries so that they can continue in their call to reach and disciple the nations. In Asia, the Lord also opened doors for the equipping and training of national leaders through the unique network of relationships that David and Jennifer enjoyed. Now David and Jennifer are using their gifts to serve and care for the children of missionaries serving in Europe, Central Asia and Africa. Serving at Black Forest Academy also meets the schooling and social needs of their six children. Their primary kingdom work and calling is evidenced by their ministry to foreign workers (expats) in the areas of pastoral care and discipleship and shepherding of youth.

the kruses

Barrett and Dayna Brown

CRU (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ)

Barrett attended AHUMC during his high school years, as did his wife, Dayna, and his mother, Jean Brown, is still a member. All CRU employees, even those working in their home office, are required to secure funding from supporters to provide their salaries. Since 1986 God has called us to help everyone know someone who truly follows Jesus. We have served with Student Venture, The JESUS Film Project, the US Campus Ministry, and our World Headquarters. For the past 22 years we have served in different Human Resource roles to help our staff and students be who God has called them to be, and serve where He has called them as well. We have worked at raising up and developing leaders to serve effectively. Currently Barrett serves as the director of the HR team who sends, equips, resources and cares for the 1,000 staff at our World HQ, and the 1,000 Americans staff serving overseas long term. Barrett also coordinates our global response to crises that affect our 26,000 worldwide staff and ministries. He works with a team around the world who are preparing for and responding to crises ranging from health emergencies and political instability to terrorist bombings and arrests. We feel there is no better time to minister to our staff than when they encounter a crisis that affects their ability to minister effectively.


NIck and Ali Gillespie

CRU (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ

Nick and Ali are currently serving at the campus of Bowling Green State University. Their hearts are to reach the college campus with the gospel of Jesus Christ, that every student would have the opportunity to hear the message of the love of Christ. Their ministry goal is to see students launched from the campus of BGSU into the world knowing how to fall more in love with Jesus and equipped to make a kingdom impact for a lifetime. Nick is currently serving as the Missional Team Leader at BGSU and has been able to help start several new ministries at BGSU, Heidelberg, Tiffin and Southeast Asia. To learn more about CRU click here.


Pat Thatcher

Executive Director SW Ohio FCA

SW Ohio FCA is a region of 17 counties ranging from Shelby County south and Adams County west to the state line. Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is a ministry going after the Heart and Souls of Coaches and Athletes. As director, Pat oversees 3 staff members, 55 high school ministries, UC athletic ministry and numerous volunteers. FCA's purpose is to train the heart and soul of athletes and coaches for Christ.

We minister to and through the coach to the athletes. The mission: To present to coaches and athletes, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of church. Click here to find out more about FCA in our area. http://southwestohiofca.org/


pat thatcher

Lisa Lockwood

CSI Ministries, Jamaica

CSI mission teams have been serving in Jamaica since the mid-1970's. During that time thousands of Jamaicans have been ministered to through close, personal interaction with team members. Each ministry project, from VBS to house building, is intended to deepen a team member's relationship with the Lord, while also building relationships with fellow team members, missionaries and the Jamaicans they work closely with. The majority of teams in Jamaica choose to do a construction project, meeting various needs with a hammer and saw. Historically, one such need has been housing. Since 1988 teams have built over 600 small-houses for families and individuals. To learn more click here.