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The Faith 5: Faith Acts In The Home

We want to help equip and empower parents to model to their children that faith is not just a Sunday morning "church thing," but a relationship with God all the time. We also want to help parents build the kind of family that can talk about anything, a family that trusts in and depends on God for everything. 

To help families to do this, we have embraced the Faith 5 concept created by Faith Inkubators.  We encourage families to incorporate a 5-10 minute "family huddle" into the evening routine that includes these five simple faith acts: 

  1. 1. share high's and low's of the day,
  2. 2. read and
  3. 3. talk about the daily Bible verse,
  4. 4. pray for and
  5. 5. bless each other.

This simple five-step process not only helps parents to maintain great relationships with their children, but also helps to ensure that they raise kids who turn out to be strong, thoughtful, empathetic, positive and caring Christians. Who wouldn't want that?

Families interested in learning more about the Faith 5 may sign up for an equipping session held on various dates throughout the year. In this workshop, parents and children (K and up) learn all about the FAITH 5 in a fun, interactive way, inspiring kids to look forward to these daily conversations.  

Fall 2017 Session: 

Sunday, October 8, 10:45-12:15 pm in Room 10/12, located downstairs on the lower level of the church. Kids in grades K and up attend the session with their parents. 

Children under kindergarten age may go to their TreeHouse Lane program or to the Nest Nursery & Toddler room. 

Click here to register.


FAITH 5 Verses and Blessings

The FAITH 5 Bible verses and blessings are found on the Children's Bible Reading Plans which are mailed out to families prior to each sermon series. Click here to view the current Children's Bible Reading Plan.