Hospitality & Connection Team

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Welcome everyone who enters our church with the love of Christ through hospitality and an invitation to connect with our church community.

Passions:  Hospitality, belonging, encouragement  

Contact:  SueLee Jin , 513-231-4172


Hospitality & Connection Ministry

Cultivates an atmosphere of warm welcome and hospitality to ensure that members and guests are welcomed with Christ's love and become connected to our church community.


Contacts: Julie Brayshaw, 624-6179
                Crystal Zemites, 477-1192


Coffee Ministry

Provides a hosptiable fellowship opportunity for worshipers by setting up light refreshments on Sundays and for special events, ensuring that tables are stocked, replenished and cleaned up.
Contact: Steve Surges, 283-7451


Decorating Ministry

Creatively decorates the Welcome Center, including the Welcome Desk, Coffee Service tables and Elevator Lobby to enhance visual hospitality

Contact: Amy Tomlinson, 513-231-4172

               Carol Hensley, 582-5647


Special Events Ministry

Ensures visitors are anticipated and visitor hospitality needs/concerns are creatively addressed for seasonal/special events: gift bags, giveaways, signage, greeter availability, available Stephen Ministers, etc. Attend monthly team building gathering.

Contacts: Julie Brayshaw , 624-6179
                Crystal Zemites, 477-1192


Welcome/Connection Desk Ministry

Identifies guests and ensures worshipers are warmly welcomed and given knowledgeable answers to information requests. Identifies visitors and connects them with a Greeter Guide. Invites regular visitors to connect with groups and/or serve with others.

Contacts: Leslie Caton, 324-1240

                Cathy McCarthy, 324-0719

                Melinda Rowland, 752-1941

Greeter Ministry

Ensures all worshipers are warmly welcomed, and especially recognizes and helps guests connect with the congregation.

Contacts:  Traditional Worship:  Linda Hirschfeld, 232-8203
                  Contemporary Worship: Jill Clark, 382-9593

Greeter Ambassador

Offers a warm welcome to guests, escorting them to requested building locations and shares about AHUMC connection opportunities. Explains Children's Ministry check-in process when applicable.

Contacts: Leslie Caton, 324-1240

               Cathy McCarthy, 324-0719

               Melinda Rowland, 752-1941


Usher Ministry

Arrives 20 minutes prior to the worship service and assists worshipers with seating and any other needs. Be attentive throughout the service, including distributing bulletins, seating late arrivals, collecting the offering, taking a head count of worshipers and responding to emergencies.


Traditional Worship: Carl Emerson, 624-7718

Contemporary Worship: SueLee Jin, 231-4172