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Anderson Hills Life Group Vision Statement:

Life Groups exist  to glorify God through connected relationships that provide spiritual transformation, compassion and serving others.

What are Life Groups?   Life Groups also called Small Groups serve as a place for friendship, support, and leadership development—just to mention a few of their many purposes.   

Think about who you socialize with and have common interests with and form a group! If you want to become a Life Group leader, please contact Amy Tomlinson, Director of Adult Ministry, 231-4172 for required New Leader Training.  

How can I get connected to a group? Please contact Amy Tomlinson, Director of Adult Ministry, 231-4172 for group placement.  Please indicate the best day and time for your schedule and also the demographic you are looking for (mixed couples, all men, all women, ages, etc.)  

Fun summer Small Group Ideas:

Family or Small Group Fire Pit Night 

Attend a Red's Game

Swim Club cookouts

Outdoor Neighborhood Movie Night
                Tour Summer Outdoor Eateries Together 

Invite the families on your kids sports team,  school friends, neighbors, people you see regularly at your swimming pool to hang out and get to know
one another.

The most important piece of developing a strong Life Group is to build relationships with your church friends as well as those who do not have a church family! Regular gathering like this filled with fun and laughter develops relationships that are key to a small group experience. 



NOW is a great time to join a Life Group!



    Spent time daily with God
    Give generously of resources
    Participate in a Life Group
    Share my faith
    Serve in a ministry
    Worship God