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Welcome! This is the page where you can find out all things going on with the Men of Anderson Hills.

We have a lot of  ways to make it easy for you to get connected with other men at Anderson Hills.  Our vision is for every man at Anderson Hills to connect and be supported on their spiritual journey, regardless if they are just starting to seek Christ or already a disciple of Christ.


Men of Anderson Hills


The Men of Anderson Hills has had several successful events.  From hosting the annual Super Bowl breakfast, to Cars & Coffee Group attending Car Shows to the Range Warrior Group enjoying shooting and eating , Brewery Tours- you name it!.

We have plenty more to come!  Check out the other area for more Men of Anderson Hills Groups and Events!  

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 Jeff Spanbauer, Steve Elliott,  Dave Reid, Jonathan Zimmerman,  Vic Black , Mike Teter

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Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to make it easy for men to connect at Anderson Hills United Methodist Church. We will accomplish this through events, small groups and serving others in our community.

Our Vision is for every man at Anderson Hills to be connected and supported on their journey by developing and deepening their relationship with Jesus.

Men of Anderson Hills will help you to:


1. Have Fun

Men of Anderson Hills offers a ton of non-risk fun activities for men. No music, hand holding or awkward questions- Just guys having fun participating in activities to get to know each other in your shared interests.Click here for more info.

2. Hang Out

Here are just a few of the opportunities to hang out and learn together. Small groups are essential for developing great friendships and a relationship with Christ.  At the same time, you get to eat and enjoy yourself!  Find a group that fits you! Click here for more information.

3. Get Involved

Let's be honest guys. We spend a lot of time sitting on the couch or in a great chair, and some of that time could be more productive.  So, let's ManUp and get involved doing some great work along side some great guys!  Here are just a few of the serving opportunities. Click here for more information.