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Anderson Hills Men’s Mentoring: “Guys talking to guys”

Men of Anderson Hills:

Have you ever had questions

. . . about your career, wondering what’s next, how do I find the right path forward for me and my family, or how do I just deal with it all?

. . . about your family and kids, like how do I maintain a strong relationship with my wife with all the pressures of the world today, and how do we raise good Christian kids and keep them on the right track?

. . . about your own spiritual growth, where there are so many other things that demand your attention?

Anderson Hills is blessed with a wealth of life experience among our congregation. We aim to promote 1:1 connections among guys with relevant life experience. This is an opportunity for ‘guys to talk to guys’ about things you’re going through, thinking about, etc.

While we may not know all the answers, we’re happy to listen and share our experiences, ideas and suggestions on a variety of topics, personal and practical. And we’ll do this in a way that’s friendly, helpful and relaxed.

So if this sounds like something you’d like to try, contact one of the guys listed below and we’ll set up time to start . . . over coffee or a beer or whatever works for you.


 Steve Elliott 

Tom Gormley 

Tom Mullett

Mel Peterson

Rob Smith

Bill Zeeb