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Nut* and Other Allergies Awareness Guidelines

Nuts* means all tree and ground nuts, and any butters or extracts made from them, including:
*Peanuts, almonds, pecans, walnuts, macadamia, pistachios, cashew, hazelnut, & pine nuts
*Peanut or almond butter
*Almond or other nut extracts and pastes

Although we cannot ensure that our campus is free of all nut* and other allergy food products, to protect members of our Anderson Hills United Methodist Church (“AHUMC”) family and guests who have nut* or other food allergies, AHUMC has adopted these Allergy Awareness Guidelines to sensitize all as to desired food identification, handling and serving practices to reduce the potential for nut* and other food allergy incidents at AHUMC.

• Classes/Meetings – Food served at any meetings or classes held on the AHUMC campus should not contain nuts*.

• Staff – When eating breakfast, lunch or dinner on campus, staff should not bring in food containing nuts*.

• Preschool – Parents or teachers should not bring in snacks or party treats for children that contain nuts*. Snacks and food served at parties or other special events should be premade and in the original packaging so the list of ingredients is readily available.

• Bake Sales – Nuts* or nut*-containing foods should not be sold at any bake sale on the church campus.

• Other Campus Events at Which Food is Available
– Food Allergen Posters should be displayed on the wall next to the food being served.
– Food Allergen Posters should include a list of each the items being served along with the appropriate food allergen icon(s) below. Pre-made/packaged food ingredient labels should be made available.
– Food preparers should review labels and ingredient information for nut* containing products.
– All foods served on the campus should be nut* free.
– Our goal is to eliminate nuts* from being served in any food products on the campus, whether prepared on site or brought in. However, if it is discovered that any nut*-containing food is included:
– During the event, announce that nut*-containing food is present to warn those with allergies.
– Any item containing nuts* should be removed to the kitchen and clearly marked that it contains nuts*. This includes any other food item that may have been in contact with nut*-containing food. It can then later be picked up and taken home.
-- Food preparers should review label and ingredient information for nut*-containing products on packaged products.
– Any food handler should wash their hands after touching any nut*-containing food.
– The custodial staff should use proper clean-up procedures (including using designated cleaning solutions, wiping down tables, backs of chairs and door handles, if appropriate) after the event to ensure the safety of all food products and reduce the possibility of cross-contamination.

NOTWITHSTANDING THESE GUIDELINES, AHUMC cannot ensure and assumes no responsibility that products with nuts* or other allergy items will not be served on its campus, or that all allergy items will be accurately identified. PEOPLE WITH NUT* OR OTHER FOOD ALLERGIES, AS WELL AS PARENTS OF CHILDREN WITH FOOD ALLERGIES, SHOULD REMAIN DILIGENT AND ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE IN PROTECTING THEMSELVES AND THEIR CHILDREN WHEN THEY ARE AT AHUMC.

November 2013