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The adult Bible Reading Plan is listed in detail below. To read the daily passage, simply click on the Bible reference. 

For a printed version of the adult plans, click this link: Building Connections

For the Preschool & Children's Bible Reading Plan, click here.

Adult Bible Reading Plan 

Week 1    Building Connections With God        June 5-9, 2017

The Bible says very clearly that we were created for connections. In the creation story we see that the first connection or relationship created was between God and man. The strength of our connection with the Lord determines the way we connect with others.  We stay fully connected to the divine love and wisdom of our Heavenly Father by wholeheartedly trusting in Him. By praying, reading His Word, worshiping and surrendering to Him, we will stay rooted in God.  Without Him, we can do nothing; we are nothing.  With Him, our lives, as well as our relationships with others are filled with love, joy and peace.

Day 1    Philippians 4:4-7    
Reflect: How does Paul say that God will meet us through prayer?
Apply:   How often do you connect with God through prayer? How would you be different if
              you went to God with every concern?
Pray:     Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any concerns that you need to bring before God.
              Pray about those things with your Wonderful Counselor and Everlasting Father.

Day 2    John 15:1-17
Reflect: What is the significance of Jesus referring to His followers as branches? What does He promise to those who stay connected to Him?  
Apply:   What evidence indicates that you are attached to the vine? Why is it important
to be deliberate about our intention to be close to Jesus Christ?    
Pray:     Lord, may I be so connected to You today that Your love will be evident in all
              that I do and say.

Day 3    Galatians 5:16-25
Reflect: What does it mean to walk by the Spirit and to be led by the Spirit? What are the
              results of being disconnected from the Spirit? Being connected to the Spirit?
Apply:   In what ways is the Holy Spirit involved in your life? How have you seen the
fruit of the Spirit develop in your life?  
Pray:     Lord, enable me to live and bear fruit through the power of the Holy Spirit alive in me.

Day 4    Acts 17:26-27
Reflect: What was God’s intent when He created mankind? What is the significance of the
              word “perhaps” or “might” in verse 27?  
Apply:   How does connection with God happen? What is the result of finding God?
 How often do you seek and reach for God?
Pray:     Lord, I thank You that Your plan existed for me before I knew You. May my            greatest desire be to know You and to trust You.
Day 5    Psalm 145:1-21
Reflect: Take note of all the ways David describes God and the things he says God
              does for us. Which resonates most with you today?  What would you add to this?
Apply:   In what ways can connecting with God through worship impact or change you?  
Pray:     Lord, You are worthy to be praised. Through worship I draw close to You, for in
              Your presence I will find everything I need.


Week 2    Building Connections with Each Other     June 12-16, 2017

One of the ways we connect with each other in the body of Christ is by following Christ’s
example of serving. Paul exhorts the churches to be like-minded in the salvation of souls, to love one another with the love of Christ, and to be unified in doctrine and practice. Paul tells us we are to model Christ by denying ourselves, being lowly, and serving others. We also build strong connections with each other by meeting together in small groups. Relationships thrive in an environment of intimate connection, common experience, and genuine sharing. The stronger our relationships and the more united we become, the more impact we will make for God’s Kingdom.

Day 1    Philippians 2:1-16 
Reflect: What are the characteristics of a unified church? What are the characteristics of a
              person who is connected in a Christ-like manner with others?  
Apply:   What effect has being united with others in Christ had on your life? How would
your life be different if you lived out Paul’s request? How would the lives of others
be impacted?
Pray:     Lord, like Jesus, make me to be faithful, giving, and obedient. Where I am
              resistant to change, help me to trust Your work in my life to make me more Christ-like.

Day 2    Colossians 3:12-17 
Reflect: How does love truly bind together all the virtues listed in 3:12? How do unity and peace work together?
Apply:  When or how have you unnecessarily disrupted the peace of Christ in His body, the church?  What could you have done differently?
Pray:Pray about which piece of Christ’s character you need to clothe yourself in most in relation to your family, your co-workers, and your church family.

Day 3    1 Peter 4:8-11 
Reflect: What is the purpose of the gifts God has given to each Christian in the body of
              Christ? How does love play into the use of the gifts?  
Apply:   How do you practically serve the body of Christ? How do you show your love as
you carry out your ministry?  
Pray:     Lord, show me that when I love and serve others like You do, I am connected
              and a part of what You’re doing here on earth.

Day 4    1 Thessalonians 5:12-28 
Reflect: Why do you think Paul addressed the topic of leadership in the church?
              What should we always strive to do?  
Apply:   In what ways can you better work with, support, and love those who are “over you
 in the Lord”?   When have you done any of the things Paul urges followers to do?  
Pray:     Pray for our church leadership.
Day 5    Ephesians 4:1-16 
Reflect: Note how many different ways the word “unity” or “one” is used. Why do you think Paul did that? Why did Christ give different gifts to the members of His church?
Apply:   In what ways are you living up to the calling you have received?  How can you more fully live into your calling?
Pray:     Lord, teach me how to live a life worthy of the calling You have given me.


Week 3    Building Connections with the Community    June 19-23, 2017

When the Apostle Paul was in prison, he wrote about how his suffering in chains was actually spreading the gospel. In his letter to the Philippian church, Paul notes that he always thanked God for their fellowship in the gospel. So, what exactly is this fellowship? The idea is that Paul is joyful in their partnership in the furtherance of the gospel.  The local church rejoices that they are a family and rejoices in the gospel that has saved them. The local church can and should rejoice in participating in the gospel for the Kingdom, connecting people to God and to a community of believers.

Day 1    Philippians 1:3-14 
Reflect: Identify each time Paul uses the word “gospel” in this passage. With what actions
              is the gospel connected?  In which of these actions have you participated?
Apply:  What would help you proclaim the gospel without fear?  
Pray:Lord, may my love abound more in knowledge and insight to proclaim the gospel
with confidence.

Day 2    Acts 8:25-40 
Reflect: What compelled Philip to go to the Ethiopian man? How did Philip connect
with him and what was the result?
Apply:  Describe a time when God set up an opportunity for you to witness about Jesus.
Pray:    Pray for God to open a door for you today to engage in conversation about
             the good news of Jesus.

Day 3    Matthew 25:31-40
Reflect: Does this story seem more like a parable or a prophecy?  What does this passage
              teach about Christian responsibility?
Apply:   In what ways can you connect with people in the community and help them see      
              God? What are ways our church can connect the community with God?
Pray:     Lord, use me and our church to reveal the truth of who You are by shining Your light in dark places.

Day 4    Psalm 96:1-13
Reflect: What insights and motivation do you gain from this psalm in regard to
              sharing your faith?  
Apply:   Choose something from this psalm that describes how you’ve experienced
              God in your life. Share this experience with someone today.
Pray:     Lord, I praise Your name and proclaim Your salvation day after day.
Day 5    2 Peter 3:8-9
Reflect: What is God’s true desire for His people? How can God utilize you to fulfill
              His desire?
Apply:   Describe how God was  patient with you before you became a Christ follower?
Pray:     Lord, help me be patient and to never stop praying for (name) to come to repentance.



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