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Weekday Bible Studies & Focus Classes

Spring 2017

Our weekday Bible study groups have a specific focus and are designed to provide an opportunity to deepen your love and commitment to God through life transformation. The studies listed below are mixed and have both men and women participate.  For groups that are for just men or just women, click on the link below.

If you are interested in joining one of these Bible Studies or Focus Classes, click on the leader's name to register (in orange). If you have additional questions, please contact Amy Tomlinson, Director of Adult and Family Ministry 231-4172.

Childcare is available by advanced registration** :
    Monday-Thursday mornings 9:45-11:45 am
    Sunday, Monday - Thursday evenings 6:30-8:00 pm  

Contact Childcare Coordinator Becky Frazier, (859) 802-7315, for specifics.  
**Minimum for childcare is 5 or more children.

Pastor's Bible Study     Wednesdays 10AM   RM 121/123

Christ is in us, the Holy Spirit dwells in us. God has given us his authority to practice,  and yet, Christians silently suffer from  anxiety, depression, bitterness, unforgivenss….  
Join in on Wednesday mornings to the Pastor’s Bible study and learn to self-deliverance  and to help your loved ones for freedom!

Join Pastor SueLee Jin each week to study Interactive Manual for Self- Deliverance by Dennis and Dr. Jen Clark. In this 18 week study, you will discover that deliverance is easier than you thought.  This study will equip you with practical exercises, interactive tools and step-by step instruction to receive freedom from bondage and experience spiritual healing! Contact SueLee to order your workbook.
FREE Childcare is available by advanced registration with 5 or more children** : Contact Childcare Coordinator Becky Frazier, (859) 802-7315, for specifics.   .
Leader: SueLee Jin, 513-231-4172
New study starts April 19

Studies for Men- click here.




Studies for Women- click here