Worship As A Family

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Our Family Ministry Core Value #3 states: We believe in an integrated ministry where children and parents worship, learn, celebrate and serve together as a family.

When kids worship together with their parents, they also have the opportunity to connect with other adults.  Research has discovered that inter-generational relationships are one key to building lasting faith in students.  In addition, research shows that a child's faith has a better chance to stick with them through their life if they worship with their parents.

So, we encourage parents to do the two-fisted punch on Sunday: worship together as a family at one hour, then everyone attend a Sunday morning program (or parents may serve while the kids are in their age level program.)

We provide kid-friendly tools to help preschool and elementary children engage in worship.  Preschool age kids may use one of the "I Can Worship" bags, and elementary age students are given a Kids Bulletin to use to follow along with the service.